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My life, Your entertainment
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You missed a lot!(:

Ayee everybody(:
Okay so i haven't posted an-y-thing in like...well a while and i'm completely and utterly sorry. But you missed quite somethings..

WELLL, Highschool is fabulouss! The first day was a little bit intimidating in the beginning but hugging all of the people i haven't seen in a couple of months and just seeing everyone was so reassuring! It took me a whole uhm...2 days to get used to the whole new schedule, all the people, and of course my way around the building. I love going to my locker and just talking to my boyfriend in the halls not having to worry about getting yelled at. The lunches are amazing because you can 1) get up and walk around to different tables. 2) go up to the snack line as much as you possibly can want. and 3) since the lunches are combined, you can sit with 10th, 11th and 12th graders. My class of Honors Geometry i thought was going to be miserable. I walk in the first day with my really good friend, and we look in the room and it's all sophomores, except for of course me and 4 other freshies. The only part i love about it is..and i don't want to sound snobby, but i am pretty much one of THE smartest people in the class(=

Oh uh, teehee. Yah i've been extremely happy lately, mainly because me and my boyfriend are doing amazingg [ oh and i'll post a pic of us together later lol](: but also because i just finished a big piano competition and i got the highest "grade" possible and i get to go to states in Penn State, i also get a plaque from my piano teacher for doing this 5 consecutive years in a row! Also, i'm looking forward to pretty much every single friday because football games is where it's at! lol. <3>
I feel so much older now telling people i'm in 9th grade, and saying i'm in highschool. I remember one day when the bell rang, i got out my phone ( because i'm a good girl and i don't text anymore in school lol) and took out my ipod, plugged it in and went through the halls, noticing that a lot of people were texting, listening to music, and calling people too. It kinda daunted to me that i am actually in highschool, and i actually have been surviving!
So i really didn't want to do travel soccer this fall because my team really hasn't been playing that up to par lol. But i love going to practices and practicing with the boys..teehee. They are completely immature and make it soo fun! But my coach has always been an a****** to me but lately he's been saying how lucky we are that i'm still on the team and all this stuff, weird! He always never subs me out! Which is good and bad. Good- he obv. wants me to keep playing! Bad- i get soo tired! Anyways...
I can't really think of that much more things going on in my life. I'm glad aobut being in highschool, my grades are great, my friends are drama-less.. (so far) andd i'm just doing well.
So i have a few questions for anyone who is still reading this post lol:
What was your best moment so far in school?
How was your summer lol?! Funnest part?
And what has completely gotten you in an amazing mood lately?
Thanks in advance for the answers!

Also, any requests for anything being asked, or said in future posts will be accepted!
Song of the week:
Nelly, Just a dream
Listen, Watch, Love(:

Thanks for reading this late post<3


  1. Haha I love high school too! I'll have geometry next year (the class is REALLY EASY here at our school), right now I'm in Algebra 2. Juniors are supposed to take it. But me and 4 other freshman are in there and I have an A in the class. :)
    YAYS! I love my boyfriend(:
    Congrats on the piano competition!

    Song of the week for me: Bottoms Up by Trey Songz ft. Nikki Minaj..I LOVEEEE IT!

    1.) Oh wow, I've had a lot of good times already! Ehhh...
    2.) Summer was THE BEST! The best part was either the Jonas Brothers concert or at Dale Hollow(a big lake in Kentucky.)
    3. Hmm talking on the phone every night with my amazing boyfriend! ♥


  2. Oh, I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time!
    In Australia, I'm in the 11th grade.. which I think is a Junior in America?
    Congratulations on your piano competition; you are so talented! xxxx

  3. athena: Yes a junior! lucky, i just want to be a sophomore already lol. and thanks! i've been playing piano for 10 years, it's finally paying off(:

    and abby: bottoms up=amazing song lol(: thanks!

  4. Wait until you're in university, like me. Then you'll feel small all over again when you walk by grad students and profs, and see your older bro's friends everywhere. It's fun though, so much better than high school.

    Have fun!

  5. Awe I'm so happy that you're having an amazing time in H/S. I'm super duper scared of going to H/S next year but hopefully I'll survive =) Lots of love<3