My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Monday, July 5, 2010

here we go(:

These are only a few pictures of my trip. Sorry for the bad quality.
Me and Denise.

Our own after party in Grannies room(:
This was the last song :( hence the staff dancing with us!

Haha! Molly and Steph dancing. (steph is doing the wiggle.)

Justin and one of the twins playing around.

Main table. (: yeah i sat there.

Ahw how cute(: Mike and Denise

Small little wedding cake.

This is Molly(:

Random Dancingg.

My Aunt, Uncle, And three of my cousins.

Haa Justin

Gabby and Molly.

Thats Steph for sure!(:

Me and Gabby.

Sand Ceromony!

Molly? Or is it Stephanie!?

Molly, Stephanie, Matthew and Nick playing around in the sannd.

Justin's a fruitcakee(:


Blurry I know. My fault. Us getting ready for the famouse jump picture.

Ahw(: Justin, Me, Ryan.

Me and big bro(:

Me, Justin, Molly (i think) and Ryan.

Go Dolphins? (Ryan made me take this)

Standing in front of the restaurant. Me, Matthew, Ryan and Justin.
These are random pics of the hotel. Enjoy(: The spa. (got a pedi here before the wedding)

Random picture of the sitting area, leading up to the lobby.

Waterparkk!!! Yeahh it started to rain after this shot.(:

This is the buffet restaurant. (we were heading for breakfast) Entitled; The Mill.

A shot of the not-so private spot the resort gave our group. ( just chairs and tables)

The main pool.

This is the shot from our not- so private spot towards the lobby(:

Swim up bar!:O Our group spent A LOT of time here (;

Another shot of the restaurant; The Mill. Oh and my bro ^
Thanks for reading.(:

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  1. Ohh I loved all of those pictures, it looked like you had tons of fun =)