My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I know that I usually only post a blog once a week, or i try. But i am extremely bored so i thought we could play some games(:

Usually in the summer people go to drive-ins (which lucky for me I live next to two awesome ones) and look forward to those movies coming out. So my first question is;
What movie are you most looking forward to in summer '10??
(no order)
1) Toy Story 3

2) Karate Kid

3) Charlie St Cloud

4)Knight and Day

5) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

6) Other.

Answer in the comment box(: [oh if you pick other..please what movie?]

Music is such an important thing in a humans life. The average person listens to music atleast 2 hours a day. Meaning that music is always in your life. I for one believe that if there was no music, there would be no way of expressing anything. Life would simply be boring. Done and done. My point is, what song is currently your favorite? (until the radio over-plays it and your grow and grow more hatrid for it)

1) Your Love is My Drug- Ke$ha

2) California Girls- Katy Perry

3) OMG-Usher

4) Billionaire- Travie McCoy

5) Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz

6) Other

(If you havent heard of any of these movies/songs just ask about themm)

Just something for us to do..find out about eachother YOU KNOW!(:

Shout out!
This shout out is for a couple people that simply made my day better(:
My bestfriend Sarah
That guy you always have, Mike
The 6th grader that i absolutely ah-dore, Ivanna
The boy that makes you feel better, Braxton
and Justin, just for being you lol
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  1. Oooh...
    Toy Story 3
    And California Girls!
    Nice blog :)