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My life, Your entertainment
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Monday, June 7, 2010

As I take one look around me..

Bon Jour Bloggers(:

Sorry for not posting anything in a life has been pretty hectic (and NOT good :/)

Don't let me be a little Daisy Downer soo...
Fabulous Job to Hannah who got my quote. Like that movie right?

Yes. I'll put another one up eventually. . . .
Kay, so last Saturday I had my 8Th grade formal! Gasp right. And no I did not go with a boy. Just a big group of my friends. It was quite some fun, after this four hour event my legs ached from all the dancing. There were some cute couples there I will admit though. Don't you love how protective mothers can be?! So I get into my car afterwards and the first thing she asks me is if I slow danced with any guys. Like seriously mom. She then kept on interrogating me!!
Ughh. I ended up admitting that I did dance with guys..because that was the truth (:

I am beyond excited! Guess why. . . . .

BECAUSE~There is only four full days of school left! (then four half days, and one one hour day)
oh and because my dad is getting married at the end of Jamaica! YAY.

Is anyone as eager as me to get Summer '10 started!?!?
So.. I'm thinking to start another note..ready!?

(Remember; If you like this note/survey take it your self and answer the questions. See how alike we are) (:

1) We'll start out easy. What is your name?

2) If you like your name say YAY!

3) So did you notice that number two wasn't a question?
Not until you just mentioned it.

4) If you could get a website, what would it be called?
Oh geez..i don't know MeganIsLife..haa conceited.(:

5) What was the last song you illegally downloaded?
Hmmm good question.

6) Do you wish you had a web show like ICarly?
nott really.

7) Scary movies?
Only if I'm not alonee.

8) What is your favorite genre of music? Be specific.

9) Do you believe in god? Why or why not?
To an extent yes.

10) Laughter; The best medicine? Or would you rather take an aspirin?

11) When you go to sleep at night, do you leave your door opened or closed?
Actually a tiny bit opened.

12) You like mangoes.

14) Is grey hair sexy on old people?
Nottt realllyyy.

15) I bet you were so busy thinking about mangoes you didn't realize there was no question 13?
No I did not realizee.

16) You just won the world supply of EVERY SHARPIE KNOWN!! What do you draw?
A HUGEEE picture that just says Megan all cool.

17) Do you have your closest friends phone number memorized?
surprisingly no.

18) Itunes, Limewire, Winamp or what?

19) How many songs do you have in your music library?

20) Keep it up, this note gets better and better!

21) Why did you decide to complete your FIRST note?
Because I was really bored.

22) Do you remember being born?
uhm no?

23) Glasses; smexy or not?
Can be.

24) Do you like to leave your window shades up when you sleep?

25) get a QUARTER!
uhm okay?

26) Did the last question make sense?
noo..HA..i think i get it.

27) If you were stuck on an island, what American Idol personality would you bring?
hmm idk

28) What time was it two hours and forty minutes ago?
1:12 p.m.

29) Did you answer number 28 in your head? Or with a calculator? Or didn't even bother doing it?
In my head.

30) Are you or were you more happy to turn 16,18, or 21?
Probably 18.

31) Love conquers everything?

32) Watch the food network?
I actually used to watch that cake making one!!

33) If you could accomplish any task right now that needed to be done, what would it be?
To finish my German final review.

34) Do you love playing music loud when no one is home?

35) Your favorite website to go on?

36) Your cell phone is your best friend? True or False?
not really..but true that I can't live without it.

37) You are a battery; AA or AAA?

38) LOL! Are you really going to laugh out loud?

39) If you could sing really well would you show the world this talent?

40)!@#$%^&*().. Awesome isn't it?!
nott really.

41) I would eat a hippo for a billion dollars? True or False?
How much of it loll?

42) Kleenex or rip off brand?
I dont care.

43) You can only shop at one store for the rest of your life to buy clothes? What store?
Freaking Hollister..= life(:

44) You are listening to music aren't 'ya?

45) Do you like black people?
Sure..i am NOT rascist.

46) Do you enjoy asians?
Actually no of my bestfriends is an asian!

47) Wow! This note is nearly sorta kinda over (not really) Did you have fun with it?!

48) Chat speak? All the time?
not really

49) Gay marriage?
if your like that

50) Abortion?
Heckk no!

51) They were questions I promise!

53) >.< make this face.

54) Did you do it?! Did it look oh so funny?
no it didn't.

55) Have you noticed that this survey is getting lazy and these questions aren't really questions?

56) Wow. You're smart!
So i've heard(:

57) What grade would you relive in school if you had the chance?
7th..i dont know why though.

58) 11:11..make a wish?
some times.

59) When you listen to music do you feel self-conscious about your taste?

60) What is the most meaningful moving song you ever heard?
i don't know.. but I ADORE the song little wonders.

61) Are you proud how amazingly long this note is going?!
actually yeah.

62) Do you think Disney shows are cheesy or just funny?

63) If you grow up to have kids all the gender you didn't want..would you try for more?
Nah. There are only two genders your gonna get over it.

64) Slow songs or fast?
Depends who your with (:

65) Ninjas: Hot or not?
uhm no.

66) Least favorite TV show ever?
hmm idk.

67) You are the only person left on the world, you can bring back 3 people.. who would it be and what would you do?
Well definitely Sarah and I don't know who else....

68) If you invented a new color what would be its name?
That requires a lot of thought.

69) Are you giggling to yourself because this is number 69?
haa no...

70) PERVERT!!!!
hey now!

71) Do you like who you are?

72) This survey is over! Are you simply on your knees bawling your eyes out?
how did you know?!

sorry for the boring blog :/


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