My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Sunday, July 25, 2010


So. I am terrible. Just terrible.
I haven't posted a n y t h i n g in a very long time, but my life has been very uneventful....

And 15 seconds to tell you what you missed
Yeah, so here is the jist of everything..

SO there ya' have it(:


I went to The Phillies Game yesterday. Yeahh yesterday, the day where it was about 1005918275716 degrees out...but it was called Photo Day and if you got there early you could go down to the field and stand and wait til' all the players come out. And ironically called photo day, some of the players don't even stop to get a photo. But me being the little charmer i am (: got a couple of the people to stop for mee...

Chad Durbin.(:



RAUUUULLLLL(: i friggin love him. (i'm wearing his shirt)

See i got one more but i couldnt up load it... J.C Romero, and also Shane Victorino but my step mom wasn't looking. sooo it wasn't too good. It was fun, and the phillies won too(:
(i was bummed because for two players i asked for a pic but some jerk and his little boy asked them too, and they stopped for him:/)


  1. WHOA we've missed a lot! I read all of that jumbo sentence and yikes! Don't worry about the camp you'll be absolutely fine =) And those pics are awesome, SO cool you've got to meet them. Oh and I'm so glad you didn't die. That would've been bad. Lots of endless love <3

  2. HA I've always wanted to go to a Phillies game! :) That's awesome you got some pics with them though.