My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Q & A? Well maybe next time.

My Mom took my cable away! Gasp!
She thinks that i don't do anything during the summer and i just sit inside watching tv and i'm on this thing. But i have to argue because in the morning i either A) Go to Soccer. or B) Get up and go run a couple miles. Pshht i don't know what she's talking about!

SHOUT OUT TO EVON! I am to-tuh-lee taking her idea with this (: yo chuu there, go follow her!

here's what ima feeling;

SADNESS: i can't watch ANY of my shows on tv now since ix-nay on the cable-ay. So PLEASE fill me in on a couple shows... pretty little liars, make it or break it, and huge. (: gracias.

EXCITEMENT: i'm going over to my bestfriends house tomorrow.(: (we are nut cases and we neeeed to see eachother atleast once every 3 days or we completely start to die(:)

EAGERNESS: my camp starts on monday and i can't wait any longer!!!!

ACCOMPLISHMENT: hah this may not sound like anything but if you knew alittle bit about me, then you would get why i'm happy about this: I finished two summer reading books! only four more to go baby. (and i already started the next...look at me doing what i'm supposed to!)

HATED: ahh this may be just me..considering i'm not used to this. But at my soccer camp NONE of my friends even acknowledged my winning goal! And was kinda for our team? No good job! or good shot! or anything.

LOVED: (way back when) it was my birthday i got [and yes i do remember, and yes i did count] 28 text messages saying happy birthday.

CONFUSED: general stuff about guys.. ppsshhhaww hey girls! we don't even need 'em!

ANNOYED: les' see.. 1) i've came across alot of forward type of things saying " describe me in one word" type of things and i sent it to this boy and he said 'pretty' but yet he won't admit if he likes me..but he always needs to bring something up about me being cool and nice and such. OH and 2) this kid that i play soccer with, well he texts me alot and he (legit) was whistling at me..and me being my stupid self didn't really realize it..and my friend told me..and he can't tell me if he likes me either! UGHH GUYS!

APPRECIATED: this week my phone has been B l O w I n G up with forwards saying things like: send this to all of your friends that have always been there for you. and things like that(: ahww

ENVIED: hah this is funny, this random girl..i'm completely legit...posted something on my facebook and it was just about how she thinks i am so pretty and i seem so nice and i have the greatest friends in the world and how she wishes she could have my talent ( i swear i dont know what shes talking about lol). I was like ahw uh thanks..girl i've never met before (: teehee

TIRED: between getting up in the morning and running, or going to soccer i've been pretty exhausted..and the heat isn't helping!

ANGER: within the past couple of days my mom has yelled at me for so much! (ex. for me dropping/spilling this little tiny fruit cup. "not respecting her" because i was listening to music instead of talking to her? For not cleaning up my room...but yet i told her the first time it was because everything was exactly where it should be and it's always like this!! I apparently "mope" around the house so she needs to ask me every 2 seconds if something is a matter and after me saying nothing is the matter she lashes out irrationaly and im completely fine the whollleee time.) and thats only a few!

UNLOVED: yeahh that word..i know its not exactly true but my mom has to make a point of saying that my brother (Justin) is her favorite..she says shes only kidding, but then why does she keep on reminding me?

PROCRASTINATION: i say i will read another chapter of my book but i never do.

Sheesh my life is complicated.

The song of the day is.....
I like it! By Enrique Iglesias

On to the next!
kay, so i'm thinking..and just if i get enough comments/questions that i will do a Q & A session type of thing. Ask me anything you would like to know about me! And in my next post i will assure you of a reply(:

Remember comments are what i thrive on.
Thank you so much for reading.


  1. Nice blog(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  2. Sorry. :( I don't watch any of those shows.
    Hm well that's stupid that they didn't say good job! That would make me mad as well!
    UGH I hate when my mom gets like that...I'm like "Geez woman, just let me enjoy my summer!"
    I love that song. :)

    Hmmm question???
    -What is one thing that you know you should throw away but never will?
    -Which celebrity do you hate/dislike the most?
    -What is your favorite dinner?


  3. Wow that's a lot of emotions going on there! You just have to learn how to control the bad ones, and enjoy the good ones =) Lots of endless love <3

  4. effi: i followed you(:

    talia: i know right! i'm still trying to get that down (: lol thankss.

    abby: haha my mom is the sammmmeee way. nice questions btw(:

  5. Omg pretty little liars is the best show on this summer. I feel for ya. :(

  6. Lots of emotions. I haven't watched any shows in a while. I have been too busy working :(
    I hope your good emotions last.
    All my love.
    Have a good Sunday!


  7. omg i love that song! its awesome and makes me wanna get up and dance! :)