My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't go with the flow, I make it(:

Sooo. I will start by telling you about my wonderful, interesting, eventful, complicated, hilarious day.
Lets see... well, every morning I wake up at around 620-630. And today i was surprisingly on time. I got dressed and did the usually routine to make sure I leave at around 7:10. So I got the newspaper for my mom and checked the weather for tomorrow as for I am going to Dorney Park (if ya'll don't know what that is, it just happens to be an amusement park about 10 minutes from my house.) But anyways I check the weather and walk outta my house towards my bus stop. I'm walking in my flip flops, black soccer shorts and a hot pink and white Hollister tee, and i hear that loud sound of a bus driving up my street..soo i start sprinting, and believe me in flip flops it makes it hard. (I ended up not missing it because my bus driver loves me) wasn't eventful until I got my Algebra 2 Chapter Test back.... I didn't do too hot. Outcome= C-Anyways I didn't have middle school co-ed soccer practice sooo i went straight home. But I had to get ready for my soccer practice for my other team. (If you haven't caught it is my life)
At soccer practice I arrive a little late. There are these two seventh graders that over the course of two weeks both asked me out. So it is always awkward.. The one boy always follows me around and i found that stalkerish and funny(: Anywho, my soccer coach yells at me for random things and i started getting annoyed so when we played our scrimmage i made sure i beasted it up. Soooooo me and this kid that follows me around were on the same team and were doing pretty good and scored 2 goals. Then since we were running short on time Coach yells " NEXT GOAL WINS" Meanwhile the other team currently has possession of the ball. The goalie gets it and rolls it to a little kid Nick, who runs like lightning and passes the ball into space for me to sprint on to it. I touch the ball aside, shoot and...SCORE.. i run to my friend Justin who was on the opposing team and yell " Didya' see that?" And high fived Nick and my friend Erica..then Felix (stalker) comes up and goes "WHAT ABOUT ME" And gives me a nice, big, sweaty, bear hug. Everyone saw my reaction and broke out into laughter. Then Justin teased me about it. Anyways Felix is making me go on a roller coaster with him tomorrow and needs me to take a picture with him. Also, I am walking around with Justin and the other kid who asked me out (Colin) Everybody (justin) always kids how I am such a popular girl at soccer, considering they all fight over me to be on there team. I loovvee it..that was sarcasm. At one point today my friends Maddie and Ivanna were pulling me one way and Felix and Colin were pulling me the other way. GEEEZ well Ima busy, busy, busy girl(:


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