My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

So i'm kinda new to this.(:

Hey everyone(:
My name is Megan and I am a 13 year old teenager living in a world of drama. Lets start out with saying a little somethin about mwah.
I am spontanious, weird an abnormal.
I have many friends, but my absolute bestfriend is an awesome, chill, amazing girl named Sarah.
I spend my time playing soccer, writing and reading.
I used to be considered as 'one of the boys' and i hated that label.
Summer is my absolute favorite season.
I will be adventuring into high school next year.
I am surprisingly smart.
This year my class voted me for; Funniest, Best Laugh and (me and sarah) Best friends forever.
I have a pretty big family and I like it. I have three older brothers and one younger sis.
My favorite school subject is English, but my best is Science.
I am very easy to read, and easy to get along with.
When i'm sad, mad or bored I write.
I have been playing the piano since i was 3, and write my own songs all the time.
I like to be creative(:

But 'nuff bout me.
Anything you'd like to add?


  1. Just like to welcome you to this mad Blogoshere!
    Take your time and have a good look around, but most of all....enjoy!

  2. We have a lot of things in common. Most of all, we both love to write!
    Blogging is fun. Hope you like it :)