My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

You just hate me 'cos you ain't me(:

This Blog is all about my love for photography. Enjoy!!!'

<--- Yes This is in Paris and yes, i did take a trip with my mother to Paris over Easter. My passion is taking photos and i used my own phone to make it Black&White. The reason i took this photo was because the Metro (a.k.a the subways) are the way we traveled this whollllee trip(:

The picture on the right is of Notre Dame. I got mad at this outcome as for My mother and I were eating dinner on one of the boats going on the river sane ( This feeling was very eerie because a real person jumped off a bridge we just came out from under, many years ago.. during the revolutionary war.) And there was supposed to be more lights shining to make it brighter, because it really wasn't that dark. Notre Dame was so gorgeous but since it was Easter the lines were always crowded during the day. Still nice?


  1. It's beautiful! It's a really great photo.

  2. Those are wonderful photos!
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