My life, Your entertainment

My life, Your entertainment
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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a perfect day. Nothing's standing in my way.

These our pictures from the last day of school. Farwell day(: Comment?!
This is one of my oldest friends Courtney.

This is can't see his signature pose, but hes doing it.

HA! oh i love him, i've known him since i was like 6? He was on my soccer team. This is Nick.

I met Jennifer last year and she was SUCH a good friend. I loved her and our memories. Ughh misseed her soo much.

Me and Regan. She used to play soccer with me when we were 9.<3>

Me and Michaela.

RHIANNON! She is soo quiet to everyone but to me she is amazing and soo outgoing.(:

Me and Christy. We became Such great friends this year.

From left to right; Jenny, Me, Sarah, Emily, and Tabby.
My girls gotta love themm(:
Well actually my lunch table...minues cortney..(look below)

Ha, I love that guy. Yeah hes one of those guys thats always there for you<3>

From left to right; Sarah, Mike, CORTNEY (she is one of my bestfriends) and me.

Me and my ABSOLUTE bestfriend in the whole world sarah. ( we actually won bestfriends forever, in our school polls.)

Me and Maddy. She is such a good friend to me, yeah she is the next Bon Qui Qui (: lol hilarious girl
Me and Erin. Love her sooo much!

And this is me and my other bestfriend. Jenny<3>
Comment the pictures(:

I am SOOO flippin hackin excited...why?
BECAUSE.. i am going to Jamaica tomorrow! I PROMISE to take lots of pics and post them asap.
Thanks for reading


  1. Adorable pictures. Wow, Jamaica. Can't wait for the pictures. =]

  2. My last day of school was fun too(:
    Have lotttss of fun in Jamaica!

  3. have fun in jamaica! please check out my blog when u come back :]

  4. Heyyy I decided to follow everyone that was following me, and I regret not following your blog from the beginning! It's so cool, and it looks like you have a lot of great friends =)